Just Like Us

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

Just Like Us

Are stars just like us? After a conversation with Busy Philipps… you will 100% think so. Hers is a story of finding and owning your weirdness, using revenge as a fuel source to drive you to success, and what to do when you get what you want and it doesn’t feel the way you thought it would.

After we recorded and mixed this episode, Busy announced on her podcast that her child Birdie uses they/them pronouns.

Update 1/5: Speaking of how we’re all just doing our best… we had an oops this episode. The original version stated that Busy didn’t have a story credit when “Blades of Glory” first came out. That was incorrect. The good news is, you can read all about that and the other stories Busy references in the episode in her memoir, “This Will Only Hurt A Little” (which Nora highly recommends).

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