Sad Nora and the Secret Baby

Episode 0

Sad Nora and the Secret Baby

Nora McInerny is in love with two men. With one man, who died two years ago this week, she has a child. And last week she had a child with the other.

She didn’t tell many people about the new baby. Or her pregnancy. Because feelings.

Falling in love again didn’t take her grief away, and didn’t diminish it at all. Her grief scooted over a bit to make room for someone else, it invited him and their relationship to live in her heart at the same time. But happiness, love, are so much easier to demonstrate than grief. They are so much easier to see. And something about that made Nora uncomfortable.

Mostly, she didn’t want to perform love and happiness and grief, this emotional stew she was cooking inside of her. Have you seen stew? It’s disgusting to look at, no matter what it tastes like.