Episode 51Episode 51


Talia grew up in a small Orthodox Jewish community with lots of rules and expectations, many of them surrounding dating and courtship. If you aren’t married by the time you turn 22, you’re labeled as “nebach," a word that means sad, misfortunate, pitiable. Talia doesn’t want to be “nebach,” and when she finds the perfect man for her, she thinks she’s headed for marraige ... until the man she loves confesses to having pedophiliac thoughts. There are a lot of true crime podcasts out there about people like Talia’s ex. There AREN’T many stories out there about the Talias of the world. In this episode, Talia gets the chance to share hers.
What Do You Say About Suicide? (Part 2)

What Do You Say About Suicide? (Part 2)

We’re *still* not done talking about suicide. And neither are you. If you’re looking for resources on suicide, here are some good places to start: Be The One To – https://www.bethe1to.com National Alliance on Mental Illness – https://www.nami.org National Suicide Prevention Lifeline – https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – afsp.org/about-suicide/suicide-statistics Center for Disease […]
Episode 44Episode 44

Ripped From The Headlines

Jamie Hahn was 29 years old when she was murdered by Jonathan Broyhill — the guy who had been the best man in her wedding to her husband, Nation. The intrigue surrounding Jamie's death and her killer's subsequent murder trial created non-stop news fodder ... and the story quickly became about Broyhill — his lies, his deception, his crimes. Nation wanted to tell his and Jamie's story without putting her murderer at the center of it. And in this episode, he does exactly that.