Terrible, Thanks for Asking Episode 84: God's PlanTerrible, Thanks for Asking Episode 84: God's Plan

God's Plan

Caleb Campbell knew growing up that God’s plan for his life was sports. And when you believe that God himself is responsible for your football career, you feel a LOT of pressure to succeed. By the time he makes it to the NFL, Caleb is suffering from severe depression and anxiety. He's having regular panic attacks. He feels like he's disappointed everyone, including God. He turns to drugs and alcohol to cope with his self-hate. When Caleb leaves sports behind and finds himself working as a church janitor, he finally begins to heal.
Terrible, Thanks For Asking episode 81.Terrible, Thanks For Asking episode 81.

Emily + Brian

Emily and Brian, like many couples, have had both ups and downs during their relationship. About a week before their third wedding anniversary, Emily gets the sense that things are down again. It’s just a feeling. Nothing concrete. No proof of anything. But when Brian dies in a tragic accident a few days later, Emily learns that her husband has been having relationships with people who are … not Emily. This is an episode about multiple truths — about how you can love someone and grieve their death and also feel intense betrayal.
Terrible, Thanks for Asking Episode 80Terrible, Thanks for Asking Episode 80

The Americans

Siblings Syeda and Syed are 16 and 17 years old when their father tells them that more than half of their little American family unit are undocumented immigrants; Mom and Dad fled Pakistan when Syed was just a baby to escape violence in their home country. Syeda and her younger brother are U.S. citizens, but Syed and their parents are not. They must return to Pakistan — a place they haven’t considered “home” for almost two decades. A place Syed doesn’t even remember. This is an episode about an American family … and how policies often don’t reflect humanity of any one individual.
79: Former Life79: Former Life

Former Life

Kelsey and Louie’s life is blessedly boring in the best kind of way. They have good jobs. They live in the suburbs. They have a kid. When Kelsey gets pregnant again, everything changes. Not just because they’re about to go from one kid to two, but because Kelsey isn’t feeling well. She’s diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome. Some changes you anticipate. They are eagerly awaited — like a pregnancy. And some changes just jump out at you and turn everything upside down.
Terrible, Thanks for Asking Episode 78: Love, BabsTerrible, Thanks for Asking Episode 78: Love, Babs

Love, Babs

Maynard travels a lot for his job. His wife, Barbara, often goes with him so they can make a mini vacation out of it. If she can’t tag along, they keep in touch via phone calls and little love notes. When Maynard heads to New York for work, it feels like just another business trip. Except it’s not. Not at all. Because when Barbara last talks to Maynard on the phone, he’s heading into the World Trade Center for his first meeting of the day on September 11th, 2001. This is an episode about what happens when a national tragedy becomes a very personal one.
Terrible, Thanks for Asking Episode 77: Ryan + TiffanyTerrible, Thanks for Asking Episode 77: Ryan + Tiffany

Ryan + Tiffany

In high school and college, Ryan was … kind of a jerk. He didn’t treat his girlfriends well and had warped ideas of what it meant to “be a man.” As he gets older, his definition of masculinity greatly expands. He and his wife, Tiffany, take each other’s last names and hyphenate them. He learns to embrace his love of art and poetry. He commits to fighting the patriarchy! But when Ryan and Tiffany learn that the reason they haven’t been able to get pregnant is because of Ryan, he finds himself once again questioning his manhood.
A Face In The Crowd

A Face In The Crowd

In August 2017, members of the Ku Klux Klan and other white nationalist groups descended on Charlottesville, VA to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee as part of the Unite the Right rally. Constance was also at that rally — as a counter-protestor trained in de-escalation techniques. She expected to be just a face in the crowd amongst thousands of others. But when the worst moment of her life becomes content, Constance has to take back control of her own story.