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Team Terrible: Jeyca - TTFA PREMIUM - Transcript

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Hello, hello, hello my Premiums. This is Nora McInerny. I don’t know why I’m calling you Premiums. That feels wrong, frankly. But I don’t know what’s wrong with me, so here we go. Chronology and time are arbitrary, and yet I hope that your 2022 has been off to a start. Whatever kind of start you wanted to have, I hope it is exactly like that. 

So this is our first Premium episode of the new year, and because we are doing something new, something fun that I think you’ll all enjoy, because even though you’re hearing my voice on this show most of the time, we do have a lovely team that helps produce this content each and every week, and you really don’t hear from them that much. And I saw at least three comments saying how much people like Marcel’s voice on the “Behind the Scammer” episode. We knoowww, okay. When Marcel was on the Happyish Holidays live show we did in 2020, people were nuts for Marcel. We get it. But this show is more than Nora and Marcel!

So today we’re starting a little series on Premium we’re calling Team Terrible. In these episodes, I’m sitting down with someone from the TTFA team, I’m having a talk about whatever it is we feel like talking about! So we’ve heard from you, you want to hear from other members of the team, so we’re delivering, baby. Here you go.

I hope you enjoy this peak into the world of TTFA. What you’re about to hear is pretty much what any typical team meeting sounds like after we’ve finished our agenda items. Jordan always makes an agenda, and then we just keep going. We just talk about anything and everything with each other. 

And what I loved about this conversation with Jeyca is that it shows how much I love working with people who have a variety of life experiences, people who are in different stages of life. I love my team! I know you will too. You already do, you just don’t know it yet. 

So here is a very chill and casual conversation with the one, the only, Jeyca Maldonado-Medina. 


Nora McInerny: I'm the oldest millennial, Jeyca's the oldest that you can possibly be while still sneaking into the Gen Z category. And I love people who are from a different generation than myself. It is so fascinating to me because Jeyca has worked with TTFA since ... you were ... 


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: Since I was 20. Yeah. 


Nora McInerny: 20! 20. Wait, how old are you now? 


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: I'm 24. 


Nora McInerny: That's not possible. Whenever I describe Jeyca, I'm like, she's like 19. And she's been that way since the show started. 


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: Yeah. 


Nora McInerny: You were first an intern?


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: Yeah, I was an intern. So I was interning in the newsroom when I met Hans. No, I met Hans when MPR did their 50th anniversary. They opened up the building and they had a bunch of meet and greets, which is when I first met you, I stood in your line, and I met you.


Nora McInerny: Yes! Yes. The only person who came to meet me. It was before the podcast even came out, I think, or no, it had been out for like three-


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: Yeah.


Nora McInerny: Episodes were out. No one wanted to meet or greet me, thank God. 


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: And you were like, next to like, Kerri Miller and like Kathy Wurzer who had like, long lines.


Nora McInerny: Icons. Minnesota Public Radio icons, I was sandwiched between. And sometimes their line would- it would snake in front of my folding table, and people were like, “I'm not here to see you.” I was like, oh, I know. I know. 


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: “I know. I can tell, I can tell.”


Nora McInerny:I know. I know. I know. We're all avoiding eye contact. I get it. I get it. I get it. But Jeyca was there.


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: Yes, I- I was there. And I was like, oh my God, that's Nora. And I- because I listen to the podcast and I met you and then I talked to Hans and I remember Hans giving me his card and I was like, “Oh my God, this is crazy.”


Nora McInerny: A business card.

Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: And I was starting an internship in the newsroom over the summer, so I saw Hans a few times. And then the U of M does internships in the building and they'd just started doing some with podcasts and I requested to be put with “Terrible, Thanks for Asking” and they were like, OK, sure.


Nora McInerny: Huh, OK. No one- no one else has requested them. 


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: Nobody else wants it. 


Nora McInerny: Nobody else wants to be on this show, so sure, yeah. You have no competition, welcome. We had never had an intern. I'd never made a podcast. We were maybe starting our second season, or we were doing that sort of weird half season in between. And neither Hans or I had ever managed interns before. So you were really like our first pancake, you know, like raw in the middle, burned on the edges. But technically we got you out, OK, we got you in, we got you out, OK. 


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: It was great. I mean, it was really fun. It was cool to like see how all of it was made, and also to see how Hans worked, because everything sits up in his brain and he does not articulate a single thing. And so you just watch him work and you're like, “What? I don't know what he's doing, but I guess it's good because the episode sounds good.” And so it's funny to see how things worked vs. how Marcel works because it's very different, and they're both so good at what they do in very different ways. 


Nora McInerny: Yeah. And Hans is dead to us. Not dead, still living, thriving, out in the world. 


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: I was telling a friend of mine, I was like, “When we talk about Hans on TTFA, we talk about him as if he's dead. And I feel like sometimes we have to clarify, he's not dead.”


Nora McInerny: He's not dead, he's not dead to us. We speak. We love him. We love him. But, you know, he's moved on. 


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: A traitor. 


Nora McInerny: He's a traitor. He is a traitor, OK. He didn't cheat, but he's still a traitor, OK. 


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: Yeah, Olivia Rodrigo said it best. 


Nora McInerny: He got a different job offer. He took it. You got to look out for yourself first and foremost. But there will be consequences, and the consequences are we will discuss you on bonus episodes of this podcast. And if I ever see the man in person, I will cry, I will weep. He was just such a big part of like, my life and like, my career, and so Hans, if you are listening, one, thank you for subscribing to TTFA Premium, and you are missed. So Jeyca is a big part of the team. Also, I think, very important to have a team if you can where people are in different life phases. I think it's just very fascinating. I have fully sort of begun to- because I'm removed enough from my 20s, I've begun to romanticize them and then put that romanticism into- project it onto your life, too. 


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: Yeah, we were doing a table read for the Oliver episode. And there's a scene where he's describing, like the first make out with this guy that he was seeing. And you were like, oh, God, I love that. Like that first make out is so fun. And you're like, “Jeyca, never get married. Just keep having those first makeouts.” And I was like, “Yeah, Nora, I will.”


Nora McInerny: I was like, I'll never do that again. I looked at you, I was like, she's got so much ahead of her. So many new butterflies to have. And also in those butterflies is so much uncertainty, and there's always uncertainty in life, but I fully romanticize my 20s and I'm like, Jeyca has it all. Jeyca, just tell us about your life, what is going on in your life. 


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: Yeah, so I'm 24. I graduated in 2018, so it's been a minute since I graduated. In that time I worked another job at MPR and then came onto this team. I just moved into my first apartment alone, which is crazy. I've never lived alone. My best friend just got engaged and bought a house. My other best friend moved in with her girlfriend. And so it's like a lot of my friends, we're all around the same age. And some of them are like, really heading into this like family, marriage path. And I've always been like a career person and I'm like, oh, this is so weird, because now I'm like, “Should I be doing that?” 


Nora McInerny: “Do I need a house?” You do not need a house. 


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: Should I buy a house? Should I? My mom kept sending me house listings and was like, it would be a good investment. And I was like, I'm 24. I can't do that!


Nora McInerny: 24? It's a good investment if you're going to stay there or own it for 30 years. But I should never have bought any house because I've never lived anywhere longer than like three years. 


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: No, when I imagined my 20s, especially like post-college, I was like, “Oh OK. Me, Megan, Kendra, my best friends,” I was like, “We will move somewhere. We'll move to Chicago or New York or something. We'll do something crazy together.” And then now we're like, at that age that I thought this would be happening and they're like in a different place in their life. And I'm like, “Oh, so I'll move? Just me, I guess.” I don't know. And so it's weird because I'm like, they're still my best friends, but they are in a very different place in their life, but I also started my career younger because I graduated early. And so it's like I'm in a different place career-wise. They're in a different place relationship-wise. And it's just very bizarre. It's a weird age to be at.


Nora McInerny: Yeah. Every time we Zoomed for this past year and I saw you in your apartment, like, I was like, “Oh, that's like her own little space in the world.” And I know you shared it, like you had a roommate who's now engaged. And also I was like, oh, my God, I wanted to speed through that time of life, you know? 


Jeyca Maldonado-Medina: Yeah, yeah. 


Nora McInerny: And now I miss it, you know. 

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